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Acacia Bark

[Check This Out] Acacia Bark (Acacia arabica), also known as Wattle Bark, is obtained from the chief of the Australian Wattles, the Black Wattle, and is collected from wild or cultivated trees, seven years old or more, and must be allowed to mature for a year before being used medicinally.

Acacia Bark contains from 24-42% of tannin (gallic acid). Its powerful astringency causes this herb to be extensively employed in the tanning industry.

Medicinally, Acacia Bark is employed as a substitute for Oak Bark. It has special use in diarrhea, mainly in the form of a decoction, the British Pharmacopoeia preparation being 6 parts in 100 administered in doses of 1/2 to 2 fluid ounces. The decoction also is used as an astringent gargle, lotion, or injection.

A liquid extract is prepared from the bark, administered in India for its astringent properties in doses of 1/2 to 1 fluid, but the use of both gum and bark for industrial purposes is much larger than their use in medicine. The bark, under the name of Babul, is used for tanning, and also for dyeing various shades of brown.

Index of VHS Herbal Descriptions
( including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients )

Acacia Bark Acidophilus Aconite Agrimony
Alanine Alfalfa Algin Allspice
Almond Aloe Vera Alum Root American Desert Herb
Amino Acids Angelica Anise Antioxidants
Apple Arginine Arnica Artichoke
Ascorbic Acid Asparagus Aspartic Acid Astragalus
Balm Baneberry Barberry Barley Grass
Basil Bayberry B-Complex Bearberry
Bee Pollen Bee Propolis Bee's Wax Beet Root
Beta Carotene Bilberry Bioflavonoids Biotin
Birch Bark Bitter Root Black Birch Black Cohosh
Black Haw Black Thistle Black Walnut Bladderwrack
Blessed Thistle Blood Root Blue Cohosh Blue Flag
Blue Vervain Boneset Borage Boron Protenate
Brazilian Guarana Brigham Tea Broccoli Bromelain
B-Sitosterol Buchu Buckthorn Bugleweed
Burdock Root Butcher's Broom Butternut Cactus Grandiflorus
Calamus Calcium Calcium-Magnesium Complex Calendula
California Poppy Capsicum Caraway Cardamom
Carrots Cascara Sagrada Cat's Claw Catnip
Catuaba Cayenne Celandine Celery Seed
Centella Cetylmyristoleate (CMO) Chamomile Chaparral
Chaste Tree Chickweed Cinchona Chlorine
Choline Chondroitin Sulfates Chromium Chromium Picolinate
Cilantro Cinnamon Cleavers Cloves
Club Moss Cobalamin Cod Liver Oil CoEnzyme Q10
Coffee Collinsonia Colloidal Minerals Coltsfoot
Comfrey Copper Coriander Cornsilk
Cramp Bark Cranberry Cranesbill Root Cucumber
Culver's Root Curcumin Curcurbin Cystine
Damiana Dandelion Desert Tea Devil's Claw
DHEA Dill Seed Dimethyl Suloxide (DMSO) D-L Phenylalinine (DLPA)
Docks Dogsbane Dong Quai Echinacea
Elder Elecampane Emu Oil Enzymes
Ephedra Eucalyptus Euphrasia European Vervain
Evening Primrose Eyebright Fats and Carbohydrates Fennel
Fenugreek Feverfew Flaxseed Folic Acid
Forskolin Fo-Ti Fringetree Bark Garden Thyme
Garlic Garsinia Gentian Ginger Root
Ginkgo Biloba Ginseng (American) Ginseng (Korean) Ginseng (Siberian)
Glucosamine Sulfates Glutamic Acid Glycine Golden Rod
Goldenseal Gotu Kola Grapefruit Seed Grape Seed Extract
Gravel Root Green Tea (Chinese) Grindelia Guarana
Guar Gum Gum Karaya Hawthorne Berries Heartsease
Hemlock Henna Hesperidin Histidine
Hops Horehound Hormones Horseradish
Horse Chestnut Horsetail Huckleberry Leaf Hydrangea
Hydrophilia Hyssop Iceland Moss Inositol
Iodine Irish Moss Iron Jamaican Dogwood
Jewelweed Jujube Berries Juniper Kava Kava
Kelp Knotgrass Knotted Figwort Kola Nut
Lady's Mantle Lavender L-Carnitine Lecithin
Lemon Balm Leucine & Isoleucine Licorice Linden
Liverwort (American) Lobelia Loosestrife Lovage
Lungwort Lysine Ma Huang Magnesium
Magnesium Sulfates Maitake Mushroom Manganese Marshmallow
Meadowsweet Medium Chain Triglycerides Melatonin Methionine
Milk Thistle Minerals Mint Mormon Tea
Mortmorillonite Clay Moss Spores Mother of Thyme Motherwort
Muirapauma Root Mullein Mustard Seed Myrrh Gum
Nettle Niacin Niacinamide Oat
Octacosanol Olive Omega-3 Fatty Acids Onion
Oregon Grape Root Organ Mountain Crape Osha Oswego Tea
Para Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA) Pangamic Acid Pantothenic Acid Papaya Leaf
Parsley Passiflora Passion Flower Pau D'Arco
Pectin Pennyroyal Pennywort Peony
Peppermint Periwinkle Phen-Fen Phenylalinine
Phosphatidyl Choline Phosphorous Plantain Pleurisy Root
Potassium Prickly Ash Bark Proline Protein
Psyllium Pumpkin Seed Pycnogenol Pygeum
Pyridoxine Queen-of-the-Meadow Quercetin Raspberry Leaf
Raw Honey Red Clover Red Raspberry Red Root
Rehmannia Root Reishi Mushroom Rhubarb Root Riboflavin
RNA & DNA Rose Hips Rosemary Royal Jelly
Rue Rutin Safflower Sage
Sarsaparilla Saw Palmetto Schizandra Sea Holly
Selenium Senna Serine Serotonin
Shavegrass Sheep Sorrel Shepherd's Purse Shiitake Mushroom
Sida Cordifolia Skullcap Skunk Cabbage Slippery Elm
Sodium Sorrel Spirulina Squaw Vine
St John's Wort Stevia Stillingia Stillingia Root
Stone Root Sulfur Suma Sunflower
Tamarack Taurine Tea Tea Tree Oil
Thiamin Thistle Threonine Thyme
Tobacco Trace Minerals Tryptophan Turkey Rhubarb
Turmeric Tyrosine Unicorn Root (False) Unicorn Root (True)
Uva Ursi Valerian Root Valine Vitamins
Vitamin A Vitamin B-1 Vitamin B-2 Vitamin B-3
Vitamin B-6 Vitamin B-12 Vitamin B-15 Vitamin C
Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K Vitex
Wheat Grass White Birch Bark White Walnut White Willow Bark
Wild Balsam Wild Cherry Bark Wild Indigo Wild Pansy
Wild Yam Willow Witch Hazel Wood Betony
Woody Nightshade Wormwood Yarrow Yellow Dock
Yellow Gentian Yerba Santa Yohimbe Bark Yucca
Zinc Zinc Chloride    

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